Friday, 13 July 2012

What's the difference...?

The first real post I want to write answers a question I often get asked... and that is what is the difference between Curriculum Vitae and Curricula Vitae. Well here it goes...
The right term is really Curriculum Vitae and the plural is Curricula Vitae, although this term is generally misspelled as Curriculum Vita or perhaps Curiculum Vitae. Abbreviated versions consist of CV, C.V. and some call it a résumé, which is a French word which means “summary.”

The phrase Curriculum Vitae 
derives from the Latin term for "course of life". A Curriculum Vitae in world is defined as "a summary of the academic and function background," even so, I see a CV as being an individual's private marketing and advertising tool which demonstrates their abilities, experience, skills  and achievements in an easy to read document. Hence the reason why so many people actually pay to have a professionally written CV.

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